Brine Group is a professional recruiting firm specializing in the search and placement of Healthcare, Information Technology and Computer Software candidates in permanent employment positions.


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"My recruiter is an exceptional recruiter. She follows up on every detail and did great work with everything from focusing my resume and pitching me to employers, pre interview prep and post interview follow up. She was an effective advocate and did not treat me like just another option for her hiring customers. She even went to the mat for me to ensure I got the best compensation package."
-Blood Bank Clinical Supervisor, Boston Teaching Hospital


Brine Group is a professional recruiting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality permanent placement services for the Healthcare, Information Technology and Computer Software employment markets. Whether you are here to learn more or to partner with us in a job search or to locate the best available candidates for hire, be assured that our professional staff with more than 50 years of experience will work hard to get the results you seek. Our philosophy, and everything we practice, places our customers’ needs above all.

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