Brine Group is a professional recruiting firm specializing in the search and placement of Healthcare, Information Technology and Computer Software candidates in permanent employment positions.


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“I had never worked with a recruiter before. My experience with her has been an incredible one. My consultant is a highly skilled recruiter who is able to identify the strengths of her clients and work hard on making sure these strengths become obvious during the interview process. She provided me with helpful and constructive feedback during our meetings, she trained me on how to present myself, and she demonstrated to have strong negotiating skills once the time for an offer came. I am extremely pleased with her work and I would be very happy to work with her again in the future.” -Nursing Director, Psychiatric Services – community hospital, Boston

Brine Group is a professional recruiting firm specializing in the search and placement of Healthcare, Information/Software Technology, and Accounting and Finance employment markets. Whether you are here to learn more, to partner with us in a job search or to locate the best available candidates for hire, be assured that our professional staff with more than 100 years of experience will work hard to get the results you seek. Our philosophy, and everything we practice, places our customers’ needs above all.

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